Darkness grows as the sun sets.

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Fuji is a web serial that takes place on the sun island Nihon. The sun is setting in an eternal rest, it’s embers live within the brave. The moon rises, and with it, the start of a new era.

Updates every Sunday.


I: A bleak homage

II: Boiling point

III: Stark reality

IV: Unsettling friendships

V: Tunnel vision

VI: Inevitable fate

Act one:

VII: Common enemy

VIII: Oncoming storm

IX: Unwelcome comrades

X: Unforgiving and unforgetting

XI: The hunt

XII: Bitterly salvaged

XIII: Dissatisfying outcomes

XIV: Someone worth relying

XV: Back in the saddle

XVI: Plan B

XVII: Sword-mastery for beginners

XVIII: The truth

XIX: On talking terms

XX: A bizarre brew

XXI: Three’s a crowd

XXII: The climb

XXIII: Demon, shroud in the dark

XXIV: May steel devour you with zealous purpose

XXV: Man, made whole in the light

XXVI: May love guide your hand in your righteous quest

Act two:

XXVII: New acquaintances and old enemies

XXVIII: Tea and assorted grievances

XXIX: Cloak and dagger

XXX: Embers and ashes

XXXI: Cat and mouse

XXXII: A deal with the devil

XXXIII: The underground

XXXIV: The intricacies of trade

XXXV: Resting easy

XXXVI: Wrongfully role modeled

XXXVII: Grocery shopping and other great feats

XXXVIII: The contemplation of giant squid

XXXIX: Shattered memories

XL: superfluous schemings

XLI: The final respite

XLII: A hope reforged

XLIII: An uphill battle

XLIV: Swift as the wind

XLV: Visions of flowers

XLVI: Sounds of pain

XLVII: A feeling so drear

Act three:

XLVIII: An unstoppable force

XLIX: An immovable object

L: A poorly chosen paycheck

LI: Scissors and steel

LII: Doctor’s Appointment

LIII: An egregious antidote

LIV: A thousand cuts

LV: Ashes to ashes

LVI: A spark of hope

LVII: Forward-thinking

LVIII: Nowhere to run

LIX: A duel of dogmas

LX: Honor-bound

LXI: Light, love, and lessons learned